Well These Words Don't Write Themselves

Mustafa Shaikh
1 min read

I'm still working on the final two episodes of Brown Boy Problems. If you missed a past episode of Brown Boy Problems, this is a great week to catch up on them.

If you're of the ~55% of you that reads every episode and you want something to fill your time this morning, can you take a look at this short piece in The Alantic. Now yes, I know "short" and "The Atlantic" usually do not find themselves to be in the same sentence, but in this rare instance it happens to be the case. This write-up concerns the failure of plastic recycling in the U.S. and some simple measures we can take to start reversing that trend.

Before you open the link, take a guess as to what percent of post-consumer plastic we actually recycle. (Hint: divide your guess by 2, and your answer will be somewhat closer.)

'Til then,