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At times, From Mustafa's Desk gets taken over by a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy their writing as much as you enjoy mine (assuming of course that you enjoy my writing).

Mustafa Shaikh 5 min read
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From Jeremy's Desk: UFOs Exist, But What Are They? (712 Hayes Bonus Content)

A special edition of "From Jeremy's Desk!" Episode 3 [] of "712 Hayes" focused on Jeremy's fascination with a wild conspiracy theory. Today, I hand the keyboard over to Jeremy so he can share his perspective on UFOs. Hi, I'm Jeremy. I am a UFO addict. Mustafa

Mustafa Shaikh 3 min read
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From Mustafa's Desk Survey: Help Me, Help You Be Entertained + Max's Response

I need your help in figuring out what I should write about. Let me fill you in. I'd love to be able to get more subscribers over time, and potentially more paid subs, which is a high bar to hit. ("Hmmm, alright I can spend $5 a month with Mustafa,