Mustafa's Musings: Survey Results Are In—Here's What's Coming in January
The people have spoken. "712 Hayes" is coming to a MacBook screen near you. 

Mustafa's Musings: Survey Results Are In—Here's What's Coming in January

Mustafa Shaikh
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Well, I was able to wrangle a few more completed surveys out of y'all. Much appreciated.

When Will Emails Ship

  • Surprisingly—at least to me—Monday morning was the no. 1 choice. The primary email will be shipped out on Mondays at 8a ET. This is subject to change if email open rates drastically plummet.
  • If I have a second piece ready to fire off, but it doesn't fit into the current season of content, that will go out on Wednesday (maybe once/twice a month). I'm thinking of a moniker like Wildcard Wednesdays. Are we feeling that, or am I trying too hard?

Some Interesting Findings

  • Clearly, a bunch of people from San Francisco filled out the survey. I was expecting "712 Hayes" to be the least well-liked, but now I may have to dedicate a six-episode arc to the different Bay 2 Breakers parties I hosted.
  • You clearly don't want a full season about sustainability. Instead, I'll probably pop those in-between seasons, or on Wildcard Wednesdays (I can feel it catching on).

Here's What's Coming

  • The next few weeks will feature random riffs. Most of my time spent writing will be on what's coming in Q1.
  • January 10th I'll launch my first full season of content, which will be "712 Hayes." I'm not exactly sure what Season 1 will focus on, but yes San Francisco friends, you are being rewarded for responding to the survey.
  • The following season will be "American Born Confused Desi." The first season will be focused on my high school years.
  • I'll close out the quarter with either a season of "Lessons from Uncle Bobby" or "Enter The 36 Chambers."
  • I'll be collecting feedback throughout this process to figure out what I should continue writing episodes of, and what I should discontinue.

As always, I appreciate your time and that you're willing to spend some of it with me. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my writing with you.

'Till then,


I edited this essay so I have no one else to blame for grammar errors.