Mustafa's Musings: Florida Man Proves He Is A Sick Human Being

Mustafa Shaikh
1 min read

Ack. My writing covering my time working at a garage startup is a little delayed. Admittedly having trouble on two fronts.

The firs: I may or may not have had far too many PBRs on the weekends during those years (and yeah, on the weekdays too), which has made my memory a little hazy. Taking some time to come back.

Secondly, I've found myself in a mildly serious relationship with a woman out in Quito, Ecuador. We're sort of in that early infatuation phase where we're acting like 17-year-olds who want to spend every free moment with each other. I'm hoping that feeling subsides this week so I can get some work done.

As I have no writing of substance to offer, I thought I'd point you to another newsletter. Heather Cox Richardson wrote a very thorough, but not too long, piece on the current state of immigration in America in response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard. (I believe she is also the most well-paid writer on Substack, so she's worth checking out regardless.)

I hope this asinine move by Governor DeSantis is getting more coverage in America than Queen Elizabeth's funeral arrangements. I haven't been this appalled by an elected official since President Trump _________ [fill in the blank here: A) encouraged a riot on the Capitol B) demonized Black Lives Matter protestors C) reader's personal choice].

Not only is what Governor DeSantis doing cruel to people he has dehumanized simply because they're not American and/or white, but what the heck is he doing spending the money of Floridian taxpayers to charter planes from Texas to Massachusetts? Spend that money on anything that has to do with Florida like saving the manatees or something.