Mustafa's Musings: DGAF'ing About The Queen

Mustafa Shaikh
3 min read

Didn't have enough time to get started on the next series this week. Filler Mustafa's Musings to keep the lights on.

Without further ado ...

This morning I got hit with the following Apple News push notification.

I sent the screenshot to a couple of my friends and let them know tongue-in-cheek, that I'm here for them if they need support. Here was one of the responses I got:

If you read news coverage, you would think everyone in Britain has been overcome with sadness. (At a time like this, I'm thankful I'm not in the U.S. so I'm not pulled into wall-to-wall CNN coverage.)

Sure maybe the older generation on the way out cares, but for the most part, the British people that I know are on the spectrum of, "I could care less" to "let's burn the monarchy to the ground." The British ex-pats in the Fantasy Premier League (English football) that I'm a part of are more concerned with this weekend's games being postponed than the Queen's death.

The one part I have very much enjoyed about this time is that it has served as an opportunity to be reminded of the evils committed by the British empire. If you spend some time on Twitter, you might have the reaction of "Damn, they did that too?" In particular, I was aware of the types of things going on in the Indian subcontinent, but man, the British were brutal in Africa.

For those who have more pressing things to do than scrolling away on Twitter, here's a sampling:

Let's end on an upbeat note. Here's one for laughs ...

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