Más o Menos: Sick Day (S1 EP7)

Mustafa Shaikh
3 min read

I've been sick for the last five days with a fever that keeps coming on and off. Three days ago I was burning up in the middle of the night thinking, "Am I about to die?"

Surprise! Still alive.

This week was supposed to be the last episode of "Más o Menos," but instead as I was fighting for my life (OK it really wasn't that bad, the fever had me temporarily feeling that), I didn't get the chance to finish my writing. So instead, I'm filling up today's slot with photos.

Without further ado ...

One of my favorite aspects of traveling abroad is seeing how American pop culture is adopted. Music and sports culture, in particular, are what you see get picked up the most.

Colombia is a country that certainly embraces the American influence more so than others (interestingly enough, much more so than our border brother Mexico). Here's a handful of pictures I've taken over the last few weeks here.

Straight outta a Missy music video.
If you showed up with a Rodgers jersey and a durag to a club in NYC, they'd laugh at you and then tell you to go down the block so you don't give them a bad reputation.
This man loves the New Orleans Saints so much that he decided to dedicate his barbershop to them. 
Even if it's vanilla, it's tasting like fried chicken to me.
OK yes, technically Mario is an Italian character created by Japanese game developers, but for the longest time, I thought Mario and Luigi were Italian-American. Personally, I'd love to understand the extra S.
So this is where those t-shirts end up.
Hopefully, the beer here is better than the movie abomination that was "Batman v Superman." 

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Do you have a friend who embarrasses you by wearing NFL jerseys out? Can you do me a favor and forward this to him (we sure as hell know that it's not a her in this case)?

Next week on Mas o Menos ... You're getting robbed. You're getting robbed. Everybody is getting robbed!

This essay was edited by Mustafa Shaikh. Blame all grammatical errors on him.

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