Más o Menos: Necisitas Cocaina? Necisitas Cocaina? (S1 EP6)

Mustafa Shaikh
4 min read

When you think of Colombia, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

So it looks like I'm settling on Saturday as my new air date. For some reason, the open rates are slightly higher on Saturday vs Monday.

Without furth ado ...

When you think of Colombia, the first thought in your head is either Pablo Escobar or cocaine. For better or worse (ok, in this case, certainly worse), the drug is intertwined with the country's outward-facing image.

When you're on the ground in Colombia, you certainly realize there's more to this country, but cocaine is always around the corner. When you're walking around the touristy areas of Medellin, there's always someone who is selling cigarettes, and when you decline, you come to find out that he also happens to have some cocaine for you.

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