712 Hayes: Caitlin Remembers ... (Bonus Content)

712 Hayes: Caitlin Remembers ... (Bonus Content)

Mustafa Shaikh
2 min read

Well, it's the last week of "712 Hayes," unless of course it gets picked up for a Season 2. If you missed an episode, I made it easy for you to catch up on all of them.

Before we get into this week's bonus content, chances are you didn't fill out the end-of-season survey I sent out last week. I'm trying to figure out if I should run it back for Season 2 and your input would be much appreciated in making that decision.

If you recall, last week I teased that Caitlin, the star of Episode 6, was to write a piece about her experience living with me. As has happened many times in my life, she let me down and didn't write anything.

So instead I roped her into recording a podcast with me. It's a format I wanted to test out to get a feel for in case I wanted to commit to doing some sort of From Mustafa's Desk podcast more seriously down the line.

I treated the first go at a podcast similar to those TV recap podcasts that are very en vogue these days. Caitlin and I went through each episode and added in new tidbits I didn't initially cover.

You'll only find enjoyment out of this podcast if you 1) really liked my writing and 2) read all the episodes. (Speaking of which, you can catch up on past episodes here.)

One listener said, "I almost spit out my coffee when you said Caitlin's sisters should look you up if they were ever single."

Also, I want to give a shout-out to Caitlin's relatively new business, Child Core. If you have a child who has the misfortune of going through a difficult medical experience, Child Core provides you and your family the support it needs to get through it.

I'm reading on the website that the services are free. I'm not sure how that's possible as we're in America and not Sweden, but I'll let you contact her to figure that one out.

Next week we have a Mustafa's Musings dropping in. The week after we have new series starting!

This podcast was engineered by Matt Goodgal.